These are my modding tools for Scourge of War.  Included is an order of battle editor and generator, a map-making tool and random map generator, and a csv editor.

Order of Battle Editor

Discussion and Download

The OOB editor provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating and modifying orders of battle.  You can edit all attributes of each unit in the spreadsheet-like portion, and reorganize the OOB in the upper hierarchy window.  Standard editing features are provided like cut/copy/paste/undo/redo.  You can export OOBs into scenario or sandbox formats.

There is a random OOB generator provided, using data collected from civil war records to make random but historically-flavored armies at your specification.

There is a dialog for creating random names, from a data set of fifty-thousand names of civil war soldiers from various states.  The first, middle and last names from these records are randomly recombined.

There is a tool to quickly analyze the balance of an order of battle.

Map Tool

Discussion and Download

The Map Tool can help mapmakers in a number of ways.  There is a road validation tool, a random map and heightfield generator, and a minimap texture generator.

This is the road validator.  It finds places where you made errors with your roads so they will be disconnected in game.  This way you don't have to test the roads manually or scan the entire 4000x4000 bitmap to find these errors.

The minimap generator will take a custom grayscale terrain map, and create a minimap representation using colored textures.  I provide a default set of textures but they can be customized.

The heightmap generator can create random heightmaps with creek/stream systems.

The random map generator combines a bunch of these tools to make maps from scratch.  It has dozens of parameters specifying terrain types, frequency and concentrations of fields, frequency of stone walls, amount and layouts of woods, number of creeks and hills, and so on.

The random maps create entirely new battlefields with a single click.

CSV Editor

Finally there is a CSV editor.  This is more useful for Scourge of War's predecessor TC2M, but some people use it for SOW modding as well.

Discussion and Download

The editor lets you view csv files in a spreadsheet like format, and provides a lot of features that may be particularly useful for modding these games, in particular the type validation for columns on known game data files.  It also can be set up with data dependencies that will automatically be presented as dropdown lists to reduce errors while creating the game data files.

All game dependencies and file types are customizable.